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From 11 October 2017 to 13 October 2017
Ann Arbor

2017 Biennial ICPSR Meeting

The 2017 Biennial ICPSR Meeting will be held at Ann Harbor, Michigan, on October 11 -13, 2017.

This year’s conference theme is “Building for a Data-Driven Future.” Now more than ever, producers, curators, and users of research data are retooling to ensure data are available today and into the future. From the data management systems they use, to the metadata they produce, to the data sharing and preservation repositories they utilize, to the data-sharing policies they develop, members of the data community are building a foundation for discoverability and access to re-usable research data for the future. And the future starts today!

Last fall, ICPSR’s contacts at member institutions reported by survey, that while they continue to play significant roles in assisting data users in finding and analyzing research data and teaching resources, they face increasing responsibilities in data management. Individuals expect that responsibilities in the areas of sharing data, writing data- management plans for grants, curating data, and managing data repositories will increase. It is not surprising that individuals emphasize a need for training and professional development (retooling) to confidently fill these evolving roles.

ICPSR has been in the data sharing space for 55 years with the mission to acquire, preserve, and share digital research data of the highest quality. To sustain this mission, ICPSR has been remodeling its digital asset management system from data ingest to curation to dissemination. In addition, the renovation will support increased collaboration opportunities, new types of data, and improved user experiences.

Combining Official Representative (OR) and user feedback with all that ICPSR has learned through its data management system remodel makes for a meeting program that is focused on professional development and practical tips for delivering data services to your institutions. With over 17 workshops and sessions, this biennial meeting will highlight ICPSR’s core functions including current data collections and data-related tools and exciting new data projects. The meeting will also impart practical approaches and strategies to discover and access research data, work with data producers to share data, write data management plans, and locate tools and resources to assist in curating, preserving, and managing research data.


In addition, this meeting serves as an opportunity for researchers, teaching faculty, librarians, policymakers, and data professionals to gather and share ideas that will aid us as a data community to deliver greater research impact.

Participation in the ICPSR meeting is limited to individuals from ICPSR Member Institutions and invited presenters and guests. There are no registration fees for this meeting.

Workshops begin on Wednesday, October 11 and the meeting concludes at 1:30 p.m. on Friday, October 13.

For those that cannot attend the meeting in-person, concurrent program sessions can be accessed using livestream (See Attend Virtually), and presentation materials will be posted on the Program & Workshops pages.

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